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Rock Wool Flat Roof Boards are manufactured either unfaced or coated with bitumen. They are high-density boards with high load-bearing strength and are utilized for the thermal and sound insulations of flat, inclined and shaded roofs of corrugated metal, reinforced concrete or timber.


Bitumen-coated Flat Roof Boards are covered on one face with glass-tissue reinforced bitumen. This layer ensures the adherence for the water-proofing membrane.




Rock Wool Flat Roof Boards with their high mechanical strength and bituminous coating   can be applied for

For thermal insulation of all kinds of metal and timber roofs of all inclinations.
For thermal and sound insulations of reinforced concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete roofs, flat or inclined, accessible or inaccessible (with walkways).
With all kinds of water-proofing applications, under self-protective membranes or reflective gravel layers.


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