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Material: Rockloyd Resin Bonded Rockwool Slab of thickness 50-120 & 48Kg/m³ density is suitable for Roof Under deck insulation. Rockloyd is non-combustible when tested as per BS 476 part IV, V, VI, VII and also water repellant grade when tested to BS 2972. Rockloyd has thermal conductivity value 0.029 W/mk at 10 deg. C. mean temperature and conforms to IS: 8183, BS: 3958 Pt.5 Rockloyd slabs are available in standard size of 1mtrX 0.5mtr.

For RCC Roof


Option A: Using GI Channel –

  1. Cleaning the soffits.
  2. Providing & fixing GI channels of size 50X50X50 mm thick all around periphery and intermediate runner of composite unit made to two channel sections at 1220 mm center to center. The channel are to be fixed with GI dash fastners 6mm X 40mm X 60mm.
  3. Providing & fixing 50mm thick Rockloyd Rockwool Slabs of density 48Kg/m³ laminated with 0.05mm aluminium foil on facing side having k-value of 0.029 Wmk at 10 deg. C mean temp., on to the GI Channels with 20mm ST screws at 150mm c/c.
  4. Providing & fixing Gypsum Board or E-Board or Calcium Silicate Board on to the GI Channels.

Option B: Using MS Cleats

  1. Fix slotted M.S angles cleats of size 40mmX50mmX25mmX1.5mm to the ceiling at 600center to center distance in both directions with rawl plug and make an open bed of 20 SWG GI wires.
  2. Providing 50mm thick Rockloyd Rockwool of 48Kg/m³ density encased in glass cloth or fire reterdent hessain on aluminium foil facing having k-value of 0.029 Wmk at 10 deg. C mean temp. and installing the same in 24G X ¾” hexagonal wire netting and secured tightly in position with the help of GI wire diagonally.
  3. The joints of the wire netting shall be butted and stitched with 22 SWG GI wire.

Option C: Using Bitumen or Cold Adhesive
Providing and fixing in position underdeck insulation of Rockwool Slab of size 1000 x 500mm thickness of 50mm and density 48 kg/m³ (covered on one side with Aluminum foil having 50mm overlap)confirming to IS: 8183 having density not less than 48kg/m³. Fixed to RCC slab/beam by not below grade bitumen of 85/25 grade or mass 83/84 or cold adhesive CPRX applied over a coat of bituminous primer @ 0.5 Literes/sqm applied to bare RCC surface and to the two surface of each slab and pressed in position (while the bitumen is still tacky) with the help of G.I screws (No.8 x 75mm long) fixed into rawl plugs (holes in RCC for the rawl plugs shall be drilled prior to applying coat of bituminous primer of size 8 x 25mm inserted 5 nos of each slab-one each at 4 corners and one at center and G.I washers 25mm dia, including chicken wire mesh 24 G x 19mm shall then be fixed to G.I screws and tightened with lacing wire , including preparation of surface consisting of cleaning RCC surface of all dust, dirt and loose particles by wire brushing, etc. all complete as per approved manufacturer’s standard specifications and recommendations.

For Metal Roof

  1. Providing and welding expanded metal mesh on the roof purlins.
  2. Providing 50mm thick Rockloyd Rockwool Bonded Slab of density 48Kg/m³ with one side aluminium foil lamination having K-value of 0.029 Wmk at 10 deg. C mean temp. kept over the metal mesh and covering the other face of Rockwool Slab with polythene sheet of 200 guage and holding it in position with the help of criss cross 16G GI wire. Rockwool shall be as per IS: 8183
  3. Providing & fixing 0.5mm thick hi-tensile Loyd deck permanently colour coated zincalume profiled sheet of minium 28mm depth over the insulation with self drilling fasteners, fixed to the purlins. The sheet shall be as per IS: 513, 14246 & AS: 1397.

Specification for Wall Insulations


Material: Rockloyd Resin Bonded Rockwool slabs of density 64/96 Kg/m³ and thickness 50mm / 65mm is suitable for wall insulation. Rockwool slab is non combustible when tested as BS 476 part IV, V, VI, VII and also water repellant grade when tested to BS 2772. Rockloyd has thermal conductivity value 0.029 W/mk at 10 deg.C. mean temp and conforms to IS: 8183, BS: 3958 Pt 5. Rockloyd slab is available in size of 1mtr X 0.5mtr & can be used for wall insulation with the help of metal framing finished with Rigid boards to the interior or sandwich between 2 brickwalls – whereby Rockloyd slab fixed mechanically on to the outer wall. Rockloyd slabs can also be applied externally ixed with fasteners and subsequently another brick layer or hollow blocks, or stone cladding or Aluco Bond cladding can be applied. Rockloyd is a green product because of low embodied energy and also being made partly from steel industry waste.


For Interiors


With GI Channel vertically/ horizontally at 1 mtr C/C

  1. Providing and fixing GI “Z” channel of size 25X50X25X1.2mm to the brick/ RCC walls with dash fasteners.
  2. Providing and fixing 50mm thick Rockloyd Rockwool Slabs of 64 or 96 Kg/m³ density faced with RP tissue / Al Foil between the channels.
  3. Providing and fixing 12mm thick Gypsum board or 6mm thick E-Board /Calcium silicate Board with dry wall screws at 300 mm c/c ensuring proper jointing and finished to have a flush look which includes filling and finishing the tapered or square edges of boards with jointing compound and joint paper tape.
  4. Finally providing two coats of top coat as a primer over the entire surface which can be finished with paint or wall papers or any other texture finish.

Between Two Walls
  1. Providing and applying a coat of bitumen primer followed with a bitumen coat.
  2. Providing and fixing, 50mm thick Rockloyd Rockwool slabs of 64 or 96 Kg/m³ density encased in polythene sheet of 200 guage, to the RCC / Brick wall using PVC mechanical insulation holding fasteners with wide washer at 300mm c/c.
  3. Finally finishing it with another Brick wall duly plastered and finished smooth.
Acoustic Treatment of Wall

Providing and fixing GI runners of 22 SWG of dimension 50mmX50mmX50mm to the wall at 1m center to center horizontally and 500 mm vertically with anchor fastener and fixing 50mm thick 64 Kg/m³ density “non-combustible” resin bonded Rockloyd Rockwool insulation slabs as per IS:8183 and securing the same with criss cross GI lacing wire to the GI runners on the wall and fixing 12.5 mm thick 600mm X 600mm Phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin bonded pressed semi perforated particle board to IS:3087 to GI frame and externally finished with one coat of primer followed with two or more coats of synthetic enamel of approved quality and shade.

For Exterior

Between Hollow blocks or Dry Stone Cladding or Aluminum Cladding

  1. Providing & fixing 50/75mm thick Rockloyd Rockwool Slabs of density 64Kg/m³ encased in polythene sheet on the existing wall with the help of mechanical PVC Insulation fasteners provided at 300mm c/c.
  2. Providing and holding the Rockloyd slabs in position with criss cross wire secured with the earlier fixed mechanical PVC insulation fastener.
  3. Providing and applying hollow blocks and stone / aluminium cladding.

Savings in Cost and energy can be illustrated through the below case study:-

150MM RCC roof

Considering Roof Area of 1000M 2 & Wall area 448M 2

225MM Brick wall

Heat Gain through Roof & Wall


Total Heat Ingress

Cost of Energy @Rs.5.10/ Kw for 300 days x 10Hrs

Savings (at 70% efficiency)

Summer Amb.40°C Winter Amb. 4°C

Insulation Material






Bare RCC & Brick






50MM Rockwool






75MM Rockwool








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