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NGP Confirms to the following standards

IS: 8183:1993 and IS-3144 Rockloyd Slabs

ASTM: C553, C612, E84, C411, C795 Rockloyd Slabs

BS: 3958 Part-5 Rockloyd Slabs

IS: 10221-82 Synthetic Primer

BS: 4164-87 Synthetic Primer

IS: 9842-1994 & IS-3144 Preformed Pipe-Section

ASTM: C547, C411, E84 Preformed Pipe-Section

BS: 3958 Part-4 Preformed Pipe-Section

IS: 8183:1993, IS-3346:1992 Rockloyd Mattress

ASTM: C592 & C553, C592, C795, C871 Rockloyd Mattress

BS: 3958 Part-3, BS-3638, BS-2972 Rockloyd Mattress



Qquality Standards

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