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Rockwool in building insulation is a significant factor for achieving highest building efficiency which synchronizes the ultimate levels of thermal performance with fire and acoustic requirements in the buildings, where the required performance is higher than the basic specifications, reducing unwanted heat loss or gain and decreasing the energy demands of heating and cooling systems. High standards of thermal insulation offer a practicable and cost-effective means of reducing electricity / fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Our Rockwool insulation is specially designed for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation, used in ceilings, walls, floors and roofs.  

Our range of high performance Rockwool insulation products Rockloyd Slab provides total solution for the effective insulation in following types buildings / sectors.


Commercial Buildings
Residential Buildings
Ware Houses / Storages
Non-residential buildings including Health, Education, Leisure Buildings, Exhibition Centers, Shopping Centers , Multiplexes , Airports and many more.


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